About these pages

Stories are being gathered as part of the Governance Pages web site, a project of Arvac (the Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector) to bring governance related resources to committees of small voluntary and community organisations.

These pages are for anyone involved in the governance of community and voluntary organisations who want an opportunity to tell their story.  Whether on the committee, a volunteer or paid staff, this is the place to tell your story.

These stories are part of Governance Pages, a website that aims to present information on governance from the perspective of the trustee or management committee member of a small voluntary organisation. We recognize the less formal and more fluid nature of small groups, where there is often no clear cut distinction between roles, no dedicated resources to support the committee, and many different ways for the committee to accomplish its aims. The website contains a database of questions arranged logically to cover common questions about governance.There is also a support finder feature that quickly locates appropriate sources of support.A dedicated search page allows you to search for resources and information from a range of hand picked sites greatly increasing the chances of finding what you are looking for.

We hope that the site will be of use to committee members of small organisations as well as those who advise them. Governance Pages will continue to add features in response to demand, and user feedback and ideas are encouraged and welcomed.

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A Word About Words

This site is aimed at those who govern (control) small organisations - whether they are charities, companies, both or neither. Those who govern them may be called a variety of names. We have chosen to use mainly 'management committee' and occasionally 'committee member' or 'trustee'. more...
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