Personnel Sub Committee

You can download a copy of this Example Personnel Sub Committee remit here.

Name of sub committee

My-Organisation-Name Personnel Sub Committee

Its purpose

Oversee the development of personnel policies.

Negotiate and agree staff remuneration and benefits.

Set up and participate in mechanisms for liaising with staff.

Participates in the selection process for senior posts.

Act as the panel for appeal hearings.

If delegated any specific authority and if so define it

Delegated authority to liaise with the any external legal or HR adviser contracted to My-Organisation without prior reference to the committee.

Who the chair is/ how it is chaired

Chaired by a designated member of the management committee

Who the members are

The designated member(s) of the management committee with lead responsibility for personnel

The Vice-Chair

Any other committee member agreed by the committee.

How often/when it will meet,

To meet twice a year and ad hoc meetings as required.

How it will report (i.e. verbal report to each full committee meeting)

There will generally be a verbal report to each full committee meeting given by the chair of the sub committee except when a written report is warranted by the situation.

How long it will be in existence

This is a standing committee.

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