Basic Skills Audit Template

Before doing a skills audit, please read the Governance Pages FAQ 7 ‘Skills Audits’

Care is needed when designing a skills audit to ensure that you get meaningful results and that you don’t cause resentment amongst committee members by only asking for certain types of skills or missing out skills that some committee members feel are important.

A typical skills audit consists of a tick box list with some open questions at the end. Be careful not to limit your options to a narrow list of professional skills (law, accounting, property management, surveying, personnel, IT, etc). You can get ideas from the sample skills audits on the ‘Sample Documents’ page. Feel free to edit the following sample as appropriate.

You can download a word version of this page here.

It was agreed at the recent committee meeting that it would be useful to have a clear idea of the skills that each committee member brings to the table.  Please complete this form and bring it to the next committee meeting on {date}.

Name …………………………………………………

1 Specific to our organisation

⃞ Knowledge of {your committees work} in general
⃞ Knowledge of {your committees work} specifically
⃞ Knowledge of the local voluntary sector involved with {your committees work}
⃞ Knowledge of the local statutory agencies involved with {your committees work}
⃞ Knowledge of national policy concerning {your committees work}

2 The Voluntary Sector in General

⃞ Knowledge of the sector in general
⃞ Knowledge of current good practice for charities
⃞ Experience of other voluntary organisations (as committee)
⃞ Experience of other voluntary organisations (as staff or volunteer)
⃞ Campaigning
⃞ Partnership Working
⃞ Community Development

3 Management/Organisation

⃞ General Management
⃞ Financial Management
⃞ Project Management
⃞ Monitoring and Evaluation
⃞ Planning

4 Professional

⃞ Law
⃞ Accounting
⃞ IT
⃞ HR
⃞ Marketing/PR
⃞ Training/Development

5 Committee

⃞ Chairing
⃞ Consensus building
⃞ Energy and Enthusiasm
⃞ Strategic thinking
⃞ Governance

Do you have anything you wish to contribute to the committee not mentioned above either in terms of experience, knowledge or skills?

Any other comments?

Thank you

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