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Welcome Letter for New Management Committee Members
of MyOrganisationName

New committee members often don’t get a formal welcome to the organisation.  If you are a charity and/or a company limited by guarantee then signing the necessary paperwork (Charity Commission Declaration and/or Companies House form 288A) may serve to mark the appointment.

However, it is still worth formally welcoming the new committee member, preferably in writing by letter or email.  The minimum you should state is:

·    Welcome
·    Date of appointment
·    Expected term of office
·    Details about induction
(see www.governancepages.org.uk/faq/induction.doc )
·    Who to contact for support and information

Remember to tell the new committee member the name of the person arranging their induction and give them a contact telephone number and email address.


Dear Name,

Welcome to the management committee of MyOrganisationName effective from Date.  I’m pleased that you’ve made this commitment which I hope will last at least 2 years.  As agreed you have committed to 2 years on the committee.   We have drafted a basic ‘Management Committee Job Description which I have attached, setting out your role.  I will also arrange an induction for you.  This will consist of a pack of information and meetings with a range of individuals.  If you have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to contact me at 1234 567890.

I look forward to seeing you again at the next meeting of the committee on Tuesday 1st January 2020.

Yours faithfully,

Jan Bloggs

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