Nomination Form (nomination by others)

If your constitution requires nomination by others – such as a member organisation – use this form (word format).

This nomination form is for use where the constitution requires the nominated person to be proposed (and seconded)*.  Read your constitution carefully to determine which nomination form to use.  For nomination by self use Nomination Form 1.

The candidate should confirm that they fulfil any criteria for management committee members set out in your constitution (such as living in a particular area).  It may be useful to quote any relevant clause from the constitution here for convenience.

The candidate should confirm that they fulfil any legal criteria for joining the management committee.  This will depend on your status at the time:

  • Registered Charity:  see governancepages sample documents
  • Company Limited by Guarantee:  see governancepages sample documents
  • Unincorporated Association:  There are generally no legal qualifying criteria.
  • Children and vulnerable adults:  The criteria change often, see for further details.

You could attach the relevant criteria to this form or alternatively you could simply ask them to affirm that they are not disqualified at this stage and require them to sign a more detailed statement once they are elected.  Again, check your constitution.  Some state, for example, that the nomination form should give all the information that is required by the Charity Commission declaration.

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