Induction Checklist

Induction Checklist for Management Committee Members of (MyOrganisationName)

You can download a copy of this checklist in pdf format here

First decide who is responsible for the induction of new management committee members. The ideal induction consists of a pack of useful information and a programme of meetings with key staff/volunteers and committee members and observation of some activities if appropriate.

About the organisation;

  • The constitution,
  • The annual report,
  • The accounts (and current budget)
  • Recent minutes (from the last 3 meetings)
  • List of dates of forthcoming meetings
  • List of committee members (and contact details),
  • List of volunteers and staff
  • Examples of recent newsletters
  • The plan (business plan/strategic plan) or an example of a recent well written grant application.
  • Photos, leaflets, posters and anything else that will give you a flavour of the organisation.

About the role

  • A ‘job’ description (if your committee has one)
  • Links to further reading (such as
  • Charity Commission information such as ‘Welcome’
  • Sub committee remits if expected to sit on any sub committees.


Face-to-face meetings are best, but if time is limited a phone conversation is a reasonable alternative.  Try to meet with some or all of the following:

  • The chair
  • A founding, or long serving committee member
  • A relatively new committee member
  • A knowledgeable volunteer
  • Staff members (if you have any)
  • Others – there may be individuals outside the organisation who have a useful perspective, such as grants officers or a local development worker.


Observing activities first hand can also be a very helpful way of getting to know the organisation.

Remember to tell the new committee member the name of the person arranging their induction and give them a contact telephone number and email address.

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