Agreement Letter

Agreement Letter for New Patron of MyOrganisationName

Once you have secured a Patron it is important to formally welcome them and put the agreement in writing, clarifying as far as possible the expectations on both sides.

The minimum you should state is:

·    Welcome!
·    Date of appointment
·    Expected term of office or if open ended
·    What you expect of them (such as use of their photo, opening events etc)
·    What they can expect of you (such as an induction, keeping in touch etc)
·    Who the main contact person is at your organisation
·    Who the Patron’s contact person is if contact is via a private secretary or agent

You can download the Patron Agreement letter here.


Dear Name,

Thank you for agreeing to be the Patron of MyOrganisationName effective from Date.  We are very pleased that you have made this generous commitment.  What we have agreed is that you can expect from us:

·    To receive regular briefings and information about the work of the organisation such as newsletters and emails.
·    A phone call, or letter from the chair twice a year.
·    An invitation to the AGM and one other event per year.
·    All copy using your image or sent in your name will be sent to you for approval.
·    To have any queries you have promptly dealt with by the chair.

We can expect from you:

·    Up-to-date contact details/name* that we should use to contact you*
·    Use of your photo in our publicity, such as the annual report, website and newsletters.
·    Use of your name on our letterhead
·    To open/attend/chair* one major event per year
·    Use of your name when fundraising (on appeals letters and in publicity)

As agreed your commitment will last for 3 years /5 years/ or until* such time as the arrangement is terminated by either you or us.  It is important that if you wish to end the agreement that you give us as much notice as possible but at lease 6 months to avoid unnecessary expense in relation to amending publicity materials.  We will in turn reciprocate except in exceptional circumstances.   

I appreciate that you are very busy but I would be happy to arrange an induction to the organisation and arrange for you to meet key individuals.  In the meantime I have enclosed some further information/ address of our website*.  If you have any queries or questions now, or in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me at 1234 567890.

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Jan Bloggs

* delete as applicable

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