Meeting Check List

Organising a meeting “check list”

You can download this checklist here.

4 – 6 weeks in advance

  • Book venue – check access, cost, refreshments, OHP (if appropriate)
  • Write agenda and check with Chair
  • Ensure your mailing list is up-to-date
  • Ensure minutes are completed, checked and sent out 3-4 weeks before meeting
  • Include newsletter and/or relevant papers in mail out
  • Organise transport for participants (if relevant)
  • Note any apologies you receive

1 week before meeting

  • Check with venue (especially if it is a new venue)
  • Check with colleagues/own files/diary for future events/conferences, etc for circulation/information exchange at meeting
  • Check with people who are given presentations
  • Read up background info for meeting (e.g. that relates to presentation(s))
  • |Photocopy extra minutes/agenda and other relevant papers

Day of meeting

  • Buy refreshments unless venue is providing them
  • Check phone/email for last minute apologies
  • Collate relevant info to bring to meeting
  • Bring note paper, pens, etc
  • Bring attendance list for participants
  • Leave plenty on time to meet Chair and organise seating arrangements and refreshments

After meeting

  • Type minutes asap and have it checked by Chair (if appropriate) and people who gave presentations
  • Follow up action from meeting
  • Pay invoice for venue (if relevant)
  • Write/phone people identified to give presentation(s) at next meeting
  • If appropriate, add people to mailing list (e.g. check your attendance list)
  • Start collating info for next mailout/and or type up appropriate material for newsletter


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