Job Description for a Chair

Job Description for a Chair

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  • Leading the committee and the organisation to enable it to fulfil its purpose.
  • To ensure an effective relationship between:
    • the committee and the staff/volunteers
    • the committee and the external stakeholders/community
  • Acting as a spokesperson and figurehead as appropriate.
  • To supervise and support the head of staff.


  • Plan and prepare the committee meetings and the AGM with others as appropriate.
  • Chair committee meetings ensuring:
    • A balance is struck between time-keeping and space for discussions.
    • Business is dealt with and decisions made.
    • Decisions, actions and deliberations are adequately minuted.
    • The implementation of decisions is clearly assigned and monitored.
  • Ensure adequate support and supervision arrangements are made for the head of staff and any other staff/volunteers directly managed or reporting to the committee.
  • Ensure that a successor is found before the term of office finishes.


  • A willingness to lead the organisation
  • Possesses tact, diplomacy and powers of persuasion.
  • Possesses relevant knowledge
  • Has the relevant skills to run a meeting well.


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