The ‘9 Qualities’ Trustee* Code of Conduct

You can download the 9 Qualities Trustee Code of Conduct in Word format here.

All Trustees of NameOfMyOrganisation strive to:

  • be committed to the purpose, objects and values of the organisation
  • be constructive about other trustees opinions in discussions, and in response to staff members’ contributions at meetings
  • be able to act reasonably and responsibly when undertaking such duties and performing tasks
  • be able to maintain confidentiality on sensitive and confidential information
  • be supportive of the values (and ethics) of the organisation
  • understand the importance and purpose of meetings, and be committed to preparing for them adequately and attending them regularly
  • be able to analyse information and, when necessary, challenge constructively
  • be able to make collective decisions and stand by them
  • be able to respect boundaries between executive and governance functions

* The term Trustee is used throughout as this code is derived from the 9 Qualities listed in the National Occupational Standards for Trustees.  You may substitute the term your organisations uses, such as Executive Committee Member, Board Member etc.

Governance Pages, 2009

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A Word About Words

This site is aimed at those who govern (control) small organisations - whether they are charities, companies, both or neither. Those who govern them may be called a variety of names. We have chosen to use mainly 'management committee' and occasionally 'committee member' or 'trustee'. more...
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