National Code of Good Governance 2nd Edition

Good Governance: a Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector (2nd Edition)

Good Governance: a Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector has been fully revised and updated by a Steering Group of representatives from ACEVO, Charity Trustee Networks (CTN), the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and NCVO – who wrote the first edition of the Code in 2005, with support from the Charity Commission.

The revised Code is based on six key principles describing how an effective board provides good governance and leadership:

  1. understanding their role;
  2. ensuring delivery of organisational purpose;
  3. working effectively both as individuals and a team;
  4. exercising effective control;
  5. behaving with integrity;
  6. being open and accountable.

The Code explains why each principle is important, and gives examples of how to apply them in practice. A summary version is also available.

More information is available from

Download a copy of the full Code (PDF)

Download a copy of the summary Code (PDF)

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A Word About Words

This site is aimed at those who govern (control) small organisations - whether they are charities, companies, both or neither. Those who govern them may be called a variety of names. We have chosen to use mainly 'management committee' and occasionally 'committee member' or 'trustee'. more...
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