Codes of Conduct/Governance Codes


A template that covers the four main approaches to a governance code with explanatory notes to help you customise it.  More…

Basic Code

An example of a basic code suitable for a new committee. More…

Comprehensive Code

An example of a comprehensive pragmatic code suitable for more developed committees. More..

Charity Trustee Network’s Codes of Conduct for Trustees

An up-to-date guide to developing a suitable code for your organisation – the degree of complexity can be varied to suit a wide range of organisation sizes (go to the Charity Trustee Networks site to download editable versions in word). Download Codes of Conduct for Trustees – CTN booklet here (pdf).

9 Qualities Code

A simple code based on the 9 Qualities of the National Occupational Standards for Trustees. The qualities listed embody values and broad principles. Can be used alone or as a substitute for the Nolan Principles in a more comprehensive code. More…

Learning to Fly

Developed by the Governance Hub for small organisations in response to the full National Code (see below). More a governance checklist than a code.  More…

National Code (1st Edition)

A comprehensive (42 page) code developed by a group of National Charities. More suited to established charities with committee support staff.  More…

National Code (2nd Edition)

A fully revised version of the original code using clearer language.  There is also a summary version. More..

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

A code of practice for Local Authority Members and Officers serving on the boards of Voluntary Organisations.  More..

Sector Specific Codes

Student Union Governance Code

Sports and Recreation Sector Governance Code

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A Word About Words

This site is aimed at those who govern (control) small organisations - whether they are charities, companies, both or neither. Those who govern them may be called a variety of names. We have chosen to use mainly 'management committee' and occasionally 'committee member' or 'trustee'. more...
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