Management Committee Self-Assessment Survey


A Management Committee Self-Assessment Survey

You can Download a copy of thise survey in Word formart here.

A self assessment survey will need to be sent to each member of the committee with a covering letter. At a minimum the letter should explain:

  • When and why it was agreed that the survey would be done
  • How to fill in the survey
  • When it must be returned by
  • Where it must be sent
  • What will be done with the results

For example.

Dear Committee Member Name,

Please find enclosed/attached your committee assessment questionnaire that we agreed all members of the committee would complete at the last committee meeting on the 5th July, as it is two years since the committee last assessed itself.

Fill in the survey by rating each question on a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 = not at all confident and 5 = very confident.

The survey is anonymous and must be returned to the secretary at [address] by [date].

The director and secretary will then summarise the results which will be discussed at the committee meeting on [date] and used to plan the annual away day.

Yours etc.

For further information please see this link


A Management Committee Self-Assessment Survey

How confident are you that as an effective governing body, the committee:
1.    Has a strategic vision for the organization that is articulated in a plan?
2.    Ensures compliance with regulators’ requirements (Charity Commission, Companies House etc)?
3.    Monitors financial performance and projections on a regular basis?
4.    Ensures that obligations to funders are fulfilled?
5.    Has a fundraising strategy in place to ensure adequate resources for the organisation?
6.    Monitors and evaluates the performance of the director/head of staff on a regular basis?
7.    Ensures that there are adequate operational policies and procedures in place in relation to employment law, volunteers, health and safety, children and vulnerable adults etc?
8.    Deals with conflicts of interest on the committee in a way that is consistent with current requirements and the organisations own constitution?
9.    Contains an appropriate range of expertise, experience and diversity to make it an effective governing body?
10.    Receives adequate information in the right format and at the right time in order to make informed decisions?

How confident are you that most or all committee members:
11.    Understand the mission and purpose of the organization?
12.    Are adequately knowledgeable about the organization’s activities?
13.    Act as ambassadors of the organisation to the community and to stakeholders?
14.    Follow through on commitments they have made as committee members?
15.    Understand the role that volunteers play in the organization?
16.    Understand the respective roles of the committee and staff?
17.    Contribute adequately to the work of the committee?

Please comment:
18.    What information or support do you feel you need to be a better committee member?

19.    What do you think should be the focus of the committee’s attention in the coming year?

20.    What else should the committee consider as part of the assessment?

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